Hey! This is just a short PSA about weight I guess?

I don’t mind or care about people’s weight as long as they are healthy.
I try my best to be, and think I am, accepting of everyone no matter their size.

But when people say that it’s gross or “conforming to what society wants” to be skinny it’s really offensive! I am glad you love your curves and I love them too! But if you could not be rude to people that are skinny that would be great because doing so is just like skinnier people being rude to larger people.

I recently saw the whole thing about Victoria’s Secret doing the “Love your body campaign” and someone said “Pfft more like love your bones. Why are these models so skinny? It’s disgusting.” and that kinda offended me a lot?

I am naturally small and skinny and it’s not like I’m trying real hard to stay this way. I would honestly like to gain a little more weight, but it’s hard for me!

I’m not very good at putting my thoughts into words and I really hope I don’t offend anyone because I don’t mean to, but basically, don’t judge people for being skinny or wanting to be skinny, just as you wouldn’t judge a curvier person for being curvy.

Thank you.

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  2. chuckiy said: Being happy with yourself and your body and your weight is one thing. Even wanting to lose weight is fine. But when you’re 1. Killing your body to lose weight, and 2. Killing yourself when you gain weight. That is just a mindset people need to avoid.
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    Ugh yes I feel ya. “real women have curves” STOP
  4. coolnun-deactivated9283648327 said: this is a very good post! I never understand why people bash on other people’s weight to feel better about their own. I think what’s great about tumblr is that now I look around and see what a qt everyone is instead of their imperfections!
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  6. podey said: hey i struggled (and sometimes still struggle) with me being super skinny when i was your age! don’t worry about it if you’re heathy and treat your body right!
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